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I have a Motorola Razr and I use the calendar feature/event planner all of the time to set alarms for myself. I would be lost without it, actually.

I don’t use my cell to talk on nearly as much as I rely on it for the calendar, alarm, planner feature and some games. I like to whip it out and play some Connect 4 or UNO if I am waiting somewhere. The kids can play too and it makes it fun. I am not one of those people who is irritated by my kids using my phone to play games. They call their Dad but they do not use the phone to call friends or do irritating things with the phone (insert your imaginative thoughts here – I am a bit naive I guess). I even downloaded Spongebob Bowling for them to play on their own. They do not mis-dial people, ever. They are not in the dialing functions and the games are muted when they play (like in doctor’s offices, etc.) since I have found that a lot of people are sadly annoyed by children more often than not. My I.T. guy said he was irritated that kids are on their parents’ phones, accidentally dialing on them. Ok cool for him but that can be an accident and maybe he hasn’t had a child in a while and he forgot that he was once a child. My kids are careful and I also admit they make mistakes (although never dialing on my phone but who cares if they did? I guess his clients have kids…ooee). That doesn’t make me perfect either, but I think my kids can have some fun on my phone since, well I still have that choice and they are old enough to enjoy the phone reasonably as long as they are careful with it.

We went on a cruise recently and I didn’t take my phone with me. That was because once you get to the cruise ship, my cell phone company told me, you flip to their “Cellular At Sea” coverage, which would have been $2.90 per minute for me. The problem is that I didn’t want to pay that much.

The cell company told me that if you get close to the ship/on the ship whatever and your phone picks up that reception; even if you turn your phone off at that point and do not accept a call, you still get charged (from the ship’s cellular service).

Here’s why…if I had my phone on and I got to the ship or whatever and saw that my phone said “Cellular At Sea” or other service reception from the ship, I would be charged even if I turned my phone off at that point and my phone stayed off and I got a voicemail. The phone remembers the last known reception and goes off of that

This is tricky if you do not want to pay the charges but no big deal to some people. It would have been nice to have the phone to communicate with my group on the ship though. I would have sent text messages, which I do a lot. I also use my phone for the time, constantly. People actually do not buy as many watches as they used to nowadays because they rely on their cell phone for the time.

As I mentioned, I would be lost without the calendar feature. It has alarms that go off to remind me of kids’ appointments, hair appointments, anything I set it for.

TIP WITH CELL PHONES: I would recommend turning your cell off and then back on again every few days or less. I was told by my cell company that this helps the phone find it’s best and most recent location. So you will get good reception if the phone knows where it is. If you notice your phone cutting out or dropping calls and you leave it on all of the time, try refreshing the location by just powering off and back on again. The power-cycle makes a big difference.

Enjoy your phone’s features and make the best of them, they really help me!

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