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I have a job where I work with family. I can bring my kids to work some days, which is nice. I also have a very supportive family that helps with my kids a lot.

Also, there is the part about feeling guilty. I work on this carports and garages website and it keeps me very busy. I feel guilty because I am working a lot and I do not get to see my kids as much as I would like to.

Mine is not the typical job because I get to work with more family, including my husband. It’s just hard because I do not want my kids to feel left out or pushed around with the business.

What finally got the point home in a new way was when my husband said he did not want to be working all of the time like his dad was when he was a kid; my husband said he never saw his dad through parts of his childhood growing up. Who wants that for their kids? I want to make things better for my kids. Both my husband and I grew up with stay-at-home-moms. I am not a SAHM but I do get to have my kids with me many times and every school day I leave to pick them up when school gets out. I am very fortunate and many people would love to have a job like mine. I just wish I could feel like I am there for my kids more of the time.

I am not the kind of person that thinks my kids need to be doing something all of the time or have everything they want. I just want my kids to feel safe and like they can communicate with their parents. I guess we all have dilemmas that we deal with. This one just seems to be on my mind lately.

Kids have to rush to grow up so much as it is these days…things are worse all of the time. I want to keep a positive and happy outlook for my family. My kids know about rough times and I do not want to keep their heads in the clouds, but I think I can find a balance in there somewhere.

My hope is that my family does not suffer because of work; or that they feel I am putting them second because of work.

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~ by coffeebreath on January 1, 2008.

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