My boots are too tight

I really like them and they were a good deal, but ouch. Why do we do that to ourselves? Is it for the money or the look or both?

My Rating:

  • Looks: A+
  • Heel Height: A+ (I’m very tall so this is important)
  • Bargain for Tight Used Boots: B
  • Fit: C- to D
  • Keep Me Warm: A+

here are the boots

I got these boots on e*B*a*y (no desire to plug them, long history there). The boots are just right for me in the looks department. However, the feel is not so great. As you see above, they rate pretty well with me. Since I got them on e*B*a*y, I couldn’t try them on first. And I got them from a first-time seller and I couldn’t return them. So here I am with my warm, nice-looking boots that squeeze my feet while I sit working late at my desk eating delivered pizza. The pizza is good and my pants, I love. So I am looking down at my boot leg black snug-fitting pants that I thought I could never wear in a size 6 and looking good (to me). But the boots are getting sassy with me tonight, that’s for sure. I am satisfied enough for how I bought them tho. I knew I took a chance in buying them this way. I just really wanted some inexpensive leather boots for the winter (they cost $43.00 before shipping). Boots are expensive even if they are not leather so I got a good deal, right?

Shopping around is necessary. I have big feet, what can I say? I can’t complain too much. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

So why do we feel we need to compromise for flashy feet anyway? Do we really care that we are hurting ourselves for the sake of our footwear? Wow, we should. I was standing up at work listening to my manager and I was wishing for the time soon when I could sit down and take my weight off my feet (and take my boots off!)

The boots are coming off now, that’s for sure. Everyone is gone and I’m listening to John Mayer “Dreaming With A Broken Heart”. Just chillin and now I’ve gotta get back to work. Best wishes on all of those boots out there and finding some that are right for you. C-ya later!

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~ by coffeebreath on January 2, 2008.

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