Ok, I used my husband’s truck on my way into work today and he has SIRIUS Satellite Radio. I scanned a bunch of channels, I mean a bunch, and I really only heard talking. I heard weather for Chicago, traffic for San Diego, some comedy and that is about it – talking. I heard very little music; none that I knew. Some music was in other languages and that was only on a few stations. I only had the ‘scan’ feature going, so I didn’t hear a lot of each station, but what is Sirius all about?

I thought it would be radio like I am used to, with music. I thought I would find lots of cool stations or ‘hidden’ stations. (?) Is the ‘hidden’ thing just with HD radio? What is the difference? I am confused and I do not see what the big deal is. I liked the stuff I heard; the comedians were funny although un-filtered. All of the stations that play music, according to the Sirius website, are just their stations. In other words, I cannot find any local stations playing on Sirius, can I? It seems the stations are just generic ones playing certain types of music, according to the Sirius website.

Enlighten me if you want cuz I am not feelin it yet. Thanks.

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~ by coffeebreath on January 4, 2008.

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