Getting back on the wagon

I fell off the weight loss ‘wagon’ so now I have got to get serious again. My jeans are not fitting properly and I am feeling a general discontent about my body looking like this. It is mostly that my clothing, which I know hasn’t changed, is not fitting correctly. When our clothing gets uncomfortable, we know something has changed about our body. So now I have to get serious.

Some of the things that helped me lose 90 pounds are outlined here. It is good for me to go back over these things and remember the importance of sticking to them. These are some of the keys that helped me lose weight and I know I can keep it off. I just have to be strict with myself. I know that no one else can do it for me. Also, I know I could not lose the weight before I was ready. You have to be ready to lose the weight or a weight-loss regimine will not work for you.

I am determined to stick to my plan and keep exercising. It will feel like an uphill battle at first but I know I can do it; I have done this before. I do not have any ‘free pass’ to eat however I want – this is a way of life (eating healthy). If I don’t eat properly for me, I see what happens. I just shouldn’t have learned that the hard way. But the experience has taught me; knowing how I should eat and sticking with it are what will work for me.

If you are out there and trying to lose some weight, I am feeling similar things. Keep up the good work!

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~ by coffeebreath on January 7, 2008.

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