Hold the sugar, please

I have found that my weight loss program is much more effective if I avoid sugar, both because of its calories & both my parents are diabetic. So I want to prevent becoming diabetic and I gain weight when I eat sugar (cuz of calories).

To curb my sweet tooth, I can enjoy sugar-free hard candy, chocolate, cookies and many other treats. These s.f. items taste quite good to me. I also enjoy Splenda and it tastes good to me. There are tons of national brands that make sugar-free products. They usually cost more than the sugary alternative, but to me it’s worth it. I like Weight Watchers treats, cupcakes & desserts. They are portioned nicely and they taste great. Another benefit to Splenda is that it you can bake with it.

Not sure why Diet Coke went through a trial period where they used Splenda in their soda and now they don’t. At least I cannot find it anywhere. When I drink diet soda, I like Splenda in it because Splenda is more natural than the other artificial sweeteners. Maybe Diet Coke wasn’t making enough of a profit with Splenda, who knows. If I buy a 12-pack of Diet Rite, which has Splenda and no caffeine, it costs me close to $5 now. I guess with Diet Coke, it is cheaper for that company to make their product with Aspartame than Splenda. Oh well, I like Diet Rite ok.

Have trouble drinking plain water?
I try to avoid soda most of the time since I like to drink mostly water on a daily basis anyway. I like those Crystal Light On The Go drink powders. Those things are handy for a bottle of water, to flavor it. I buy them in bulk, actually, and keep them handy (a drawer full at home by my filtered water, several in my purse and some at work). This helps if you have dislike plain water. You just tear open the top and pour it into water. Then shake the water bottle, or stir in a glass, and you have instant flavor with 0 calories. The flavors include: Cherry Pomegranate, Sunrise Orange, Lemonade, Raspberry Ice, Raspberry Lemonade, Raspberry Green Tea, Peach Tea, Iced Tea and Fruit Punch. I love the flavors. They taste nice without being overpowering. The drink mix I get is for 20 oz. of water. Other drink mixes sometimes are for 16 oz. like the smaller water bottles. I use a refillable 23 oz. Gatorade Propel bottle, with a twist top, so a 20 oz. drink mix tube is just right for me.

Whatever works for you, enjoy! Best wishes.

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