Sugar? Oh ya…yum!


Ok so earlier today I bragged about how I like to substitute sugar and about good health, blah blah. Now I have succombed to the sugar craving! Yep, I went and got a bunch of gummy bears and juicee gummees. They are made from real fruit juice at least, the Juicee Gummees. Yum! How I craved the perfect taste of the Juicees, where every flavor is sublime. Even the green orange and yellow ones are perfect. They are made with real fruit juice. I just couldn’t help myself. I jumped out quick-like when I felt snackish and did the dirty deed. I know the clerk thought I was either greedy or I have lots of kids who like candy somewhere. I liked seeing the look on her face – ya, I have an addiction I have to feed. Yummy! They are just way too good and I needed something; I was starving! So the diet will wait to start up again. Maybe tomorrow, right? Ha ha haaaaaa! (Mad laughter)


~ by coffeebreath on January 8, 2008.

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