weight loss is hard

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This weight loss stuff is bloody hard! Today I have had a 160 calorie protein shake, some coffee, some broccoli and celery, some water and a bowl of 60 calorie vegetable soup. I am hungry! There is no way around it. Now I am on a Caffeine Free diet Pepsi, the only thing in the fridge at work that I could go for that works right now. What sounds good is a chocolate chip cookie. Tonight I am going to snack on more veggies and a frozen dinner that is low calorie. Yeah!

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~ by coffeebreath on January 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “weight loss is hard”

  1. I hear you! And I’m right here with you. It’s tough to change habits and lose this weight.


  2. thanks Kathy! (as I munch on my celery and smile)

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