16 Blocks: The Movie

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Note: Not meant to be a bigtime review thing

I watched this movie yesterday. Bruce Willis looked positively wratched in the flick, am I right? But that was his character and he played an alright character, I would say a good one. He hardly drank for being a drunk & washed up cop but you got the idea. Hey, the guy did not really have time to drink with all of the stuff going on.

It was good as far as the directing part. The voice of Mr. Mos Def…not so much. He was whiny, just a little nasal I guess. He does not usually talk like that. We all know he can act and he is talented on multiple levels. I know it was his character and that made you feel for the man; I mean my heart beat so loud I heard it in my spinal column at one point. I was riveted to the screen. (I only watch PG-13 movies by the way.) I just liked the guy’s character so much. Call me mushy. His notebook that he carried everywhere, that was cool to me. It was interesting what happened in the bar at the beginning, when Mos Def’s character saw the cop come in. That stuff makes for good movies to me.

I am not trying to be a movie reviewer and I do not use blogs to review movies but I just thought I would write what I thought today. I do like Mos Def and Bruce Willis was alright in this movie as well.

David Morse was great in that he was unfeeling and scary and like he should be; he could have lost the gum and that’s what added to his character. You wanted to not like him. Oh, and I did not really like the bus and the unrealistic thing where it went about 20 feet (once it had newspaper up) and Bruce Willis was driving with just him and Mos Def in it.

It seems like they wandered around a lot and then I said to myself all the way at the end, “Oh ya, it was called ’16 Blocks’ so that is why!”

Scale: A = Great to D = not as good

Action: Good (B+)
Storyline: Good (B+)
Predictability: Average (C+)
Violence: (B) not bad

Overall: (B+)

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