Clothing for tall people

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I have found a site online that sells tall clothing:

The company is Closeout Catalog Outlet. ( Chadwicks®, metrostyle™ & La Redoute® brands.)

Sizes also include Misses, Petite and Women’s.

Their site has a simple style and I can find what I am looking for. I am tall and it is hard to find nice clothes that are also priced decently.

The clothing materials include linen, cashmere, wool and silk. Other materials include cotton, polyester and blends.

When I buy clothing from this company the fit is exact, for me anyway*. Many items, including dresses, pant suits, skirts and jackets and coats are fully lined. A lot of items are deeply discounted on a regular basis, so you may not find the quantity of selection in your size that you are used to finding in other locations. But for me the savings make that worth it. I do not shop that often, so I wait and find many good deals. They also sell handbags, leather boots and shoes and some jewelry.

For tall people, and those looking for nice clothing in Tall, this site is worth checking out.


* There was only one item, a tall jean jacket in Chadwicks® brand that does not fit properly because the sleeves are not long enough. It is not what I would call a size Tall.

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