Chili, Cornbread and Creativity

I just made some yummy chili and cornbread. The chili included ground turkey, black beans, white beans, whole sweet corn, kidney beans, ketchup, ranch style beans, some tomato sauce, Adobo seasoning and some Muenster cheese topped in. There were probably some other things I am forgetting but that’s just it, I am forgetting them.  For now, you get the idea. I made the cornbread with Jiffy mix (whoo hoo) and substituted the milk with cream and I used two packets of Splenda (I like to make the cornbread a bit sweet). In addition, I also put one can of creamstyle corn to make it even cornier.  I followed the recipe for the “Johnny Cake” version on the box and served the cornbread with honey. There is nothing like cornbread baking in the oven and served with chili on a cold, rainy night.

My Dad is from Kentucky and he would choke if he knew I made sweet cornbread, he hates that.  We were never allowed to have “that Jiffy stuff in the house” when I was growing up; he wanted cornbread from scratch.  That was one thing he was particular about.  Grainy, unsweetened cornbread.  But, hey, that is ok and it is personal choice.  Everyone has their own taste, right?

Creativity And My Family: My six-year-old son is reading his story to my husband right now and it is very precious. He wrote his own story that he made up and he is going to be illustrating it and everything. He worked on his story very hard today. He told me his story is “fiction”. He loves to write and take pictures with the camera too. I have another son who is serious and this one is a bit more creative; each one different and special in their own way. I love them so much.

That’s tonight in a nutshell. Have a good evening.

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