Messaging While Driving…Toxic Combination

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Text messaging while driving seems to have become more of a problem today, would you agree? People have been killed in car accidents because of something as simple as a phone in the hand, eyes OFF the road. Celebrities drive with their eyes off the road, reportedly, with a hand full of a fast-moving finger ripping across a keypad while they click away an all important message. Whatever it is – can it be that important? Celebrities are not the only ones, people get in accidents and die because of this toxic combination of phones and driving…messages and wheels.

I have used my cell to send text messages and I have to admit that I am guilty; I have done it while driving. Anyway, more and more people of all ages use their phones and small electronic devices to communicate in more ways than just to call and talk. If it were just to talk, and hands-free, it would be much safer in many locations for many drivers on the road today. Many US locations have enacted legislation requiring mobile users to place calls in a hands-free manor.

This places responsibility on anyone who picks up their device with the intention to tap away a message while operating a motor vehicle. We all have that good intention that we know should stop us; that niggling feeling that should make us listen before we proceed. A conscience, the little voice, the dude on our shoulder. Whatever you want to call it, it is something we may want to listen to before proceeding.

For whatever reasons we do it: work, thoughts, travel, feelings, social, community, culture, technology, pictures, media, love, life…we send messages. Text messages, SMS, all of that is fun and cool. But we have to show a measure of reason and accountability when we do so, especially in a moving vehicle. Just like talking on the phone and driving or operating any machine or showing cell phone etiquette for instance, common sense comes into play.

Like with etiquette when a person is at a bank and the cell goes off, do they answer and begin a conversation? Do they begin talking loudly and laughing? A person is given choices. If you are behind this person in line, are you embarrassed for them or just annoyed? What is your feeling?

If you were behind someone in the car where they were text-ing away and they showed they same careless lack of concern for you while driving and started to swerve out of their lane on the freeway and into oncoming traffic while going 70 mph, what would you think then? It is the same lack of common sense that can easily kill people. We have to accept the accountability for our actions when we take on responsibility, even when it is as simple as a little tiny cell phone, a person and the wheel of a car. It really is that serious because people are dying even when they are young and at any age they can die; people that do not ask to die are dying. When someone crosses the road into oncoming traffic because they are sending a message…that is simply unnecessary, tragic and preventable death.

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