Family Day

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Family Day is what we call it, but it is a day that is set aside whenever we spend time together as a family, doing something we have chosen as a family together to do. It’s all about us because we have chosen together to do whatever we are doing the whole day. Each person can feel included and important and good all day. If your family was given a whole day to just goof off and to have fun, what would your family choose to do?

Lists: We have a running list of things we have done in the past and things we would like to do in the future on family days, so we have found a list useful. This way we know what we have enjoyed and what we might like to repeat. The list is something we can all add to as a family. What we usually do is choose three things from the list that we might like to do for our family day and then we narrow down our choices to decide on one or two things in a day. We usually end up combining each other’s ideas from the list and we always end up saying how much fun we had over and over again.

Ideas: Some ideas to include could be places of interest like local parks, baseball games, the Zoo, the Aquarium, museums, IMAX theater, a theme park, miniature golf, go carts, indoor arcades and restaurants that are special. For animal lovers – petting zoos, drive-thru wild animal safaris or horseback riding is great fun. Something involving the water is fun, even if it is simple, like a canoe or a boat out on a local lake. Water parks are a blast when the weather is nice. Another idea when the weather is good, maybe in the summer is fresh berry picking at a farm. Many farms also offer hay rides and more experiences with dairy that the family may not see any other way. You might consider driving to places of interest for an extended family day if you live near the beach, the ocean or the mountains. We like the outdoors and saving money but there are many places that you can utilize by going online and searching ahead of time first, which is usually a good idea. It can be more difficult to find things to do at the last minute.

Ours: There are local restaurants that are special to our family; sometimes we end up going to those places as repeats on family days. For instance, there is a donut place that has big glass windows where we go and watch the donuts being made. Often on family days we go to completely new places. Some family days have been shortened and many are longer. We don’t always go monthly, but many times we do. The schedule has changed over time but most importantly it is flexible. We try to keep an open-minded view of family days, with everyone sharing their ideas. It doesn’t take much to have a good time with the family.

Memories: It is great to take pictures on family days. If you are a family that does scrapbooking, that would work into your plans nicely. If you email friends and family, digital pictures are easy to share. Video records are easy to make memories last as well. Any way you go, family time spent together is always worth recording the smiles.

Conclusion: Family days can be a fun, new and happy way to spend time together and create memories. Whether you pack a lunch or plan to spend the whole day at a theme park, enjoy the day together as a family – the whole family. Just ask your family for some ideas of where they would like to go for a day – you might be pleasantly surprised and happy that you did.

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