Dry Pills On TV

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What is it with people on TV shows popping dry pills into their mouth? Do people ever do the dry-pop in reality?

To me, this taking pills with a dry throat, no fluid involved, does not seem very realistic or comfortable for that matter. (I am talking about when a person has access to liquid). This happens on TV when a person is usually in a place that has water, at least a few sips of it, to help ease the chalky pill texture.

I have to take many pills every day and I do not think that I could handle taking them without fluid of any kind. Have you ever had a pill LODGE in your throat or somewhere in there? There’s gotta be a lot of fluid for me before, during and after a pill to make sure those chalky pieces of mess get down all of the way and start working in the stomach, not part-way. Maybe some people just don’t care where the pill starts dissolving or they just have a very naturally slobbery throat, I am not sure. It just looks like they are about to chew on some Pez when they pop those pills and never look interested in a sip of water afterward. What are they thinking?

Television seems to portray men dry-pill-popping more than you’ll ever see a woman tip back an Rx bottle and chug dry pills without a chaser.

In the scenes where men are taking pills in this manner, they are usually mad or in a hurry or stressed out, but they could usually make it to a water fountain or they could get to liquid of some kind. Usually they are being portrayed as having a habitual pill problem when they are shown taking the pills in this manner, dry and liquid-less. Hm, I wonder what this actually means.

So, which kind of pill-taker are you: do you take pills dry or can you STAND to do that? Your comments are welcome.

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