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Would you like to see more clothing options for tall women? I know I would. I am five feet eleven inches tall – 5’11”. It is so difficult to find clothing for misses, ladies, women, teenagers, or basically a tall female these days – would you agree?

I would like to see more options online for tall clothing shopping in general. I mean come on, it is 2008 and what have you found? I wrote this blog post about tall clothing options and it mentions a pretty good site online. However, there could easily be more shopping choices out there for people who are above average in height! There are many girls and women out there, ladies in general, females who are above average in height, tall people, who would be happy to find clothes to choose from. Everyone has tastes in clothing and being tall should not limit a person as to what they would like in clothing. Being tall and what you look like should not limit you either – everyone would like choices – right? Right.

My height started to spike in fifth grade and my jeans started to go ‘high-water’ about that time. I was taller than all of the boys for a long time. I was 5′ 5″ tall in 6th grade and it seemed like none of my clothes fit properly in the right places.

That was when I was a kid but now that I am an adult, the clothing still fits funny. If the jeans fit in the waist, etc. they never fit for length. I have found some retailers that sell jeans for ‘tall’ height now and I pay like crazy to get that tall height fit. And believe me, I pay for being tall!

If there were more retailers carrying more choices in tall sized clothing, the prices would come down. It is for this simple fact: SO few mass retailers are doing it yet! So the few retailers that are doing it are capitalizing on this and charging the customer for the end result in the product. The product would be, say a pair of jeans which is just like every other pair of jeans on the market, they are just two inches longer and that’s it. They just cost a whole lot more because they are marked “tall”.

Average sizes and average heights are average prices, lets face it. An average height person may want to wear a tall size because they like the fit, the extra length. They may like the way it looks. Should they have to pay that much more for an inch or two of fabric? If more companies decided to really expand their brands and have TALL sizes, they would only benefit. Tall people would definitely buy the taller sizes and average size people may buy the taller sized clothing as well.

For a long time I have been looking for tall sized shirts, just shirts. It drives me crazy because I usually end up wearing guy’s clothing (like my husband’s shirts, which are too big, just longer) due to lack of options out on the market. There just are not enough options for tall ladies’ clothing out there. Some mainstream retailers are starting to get it and more recently they have started to carry a lot more items for tall females (with higher-end prices to go with that). But I do not always find what I am looking for and this is because the options are so limited. Women’s clothing online is a huge shopping arena – why can’t the tall section include the same items? I would say for the reasons mentioned above. Ug, it is frustrating.

Where do you like to shop for tall clothing? Online or otherwise?

Nordstrom has tall clothing, but for the prices that would be expected as such. (There are other clothing retailers online that I did not intend to go into that carry tall clothing, which can be found by performing a standard search.)

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~ by coffeebreath on March 8, 2008.

One Response to “More TALL Clothing Options”

  1. I remember having to wear mens clothes just to get the length long enough. What a miserable experience!! After all, tall girls deserve to be stylish and dress cute, too!! Thankfully, several reatilers are starting to offer tall clothes, even trendy options as well!!

    Some of my favorite places to shop for tall clothes are Buckle (jeans), GAP, and Tall Girl Shop.

    Check out for a full list of retailers that carry tall clothes and larger size shoes.

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