Good Workspace for Productivity

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The value of good workspace cannot be underestimated. You may be able to make the right place just for you with little adjustment and for a small amount of money.

Good lighting: Fluorescent bulbs are cost effective and a good source of light. There is a lot of variety when it comes to shades of color and what you prefer for light in your room or workspace. Some stores have light displays and some will plug the bulb in so that you can see what the look will produce prior to purchase. People tend to work better and produce better work with good lighting. You may consider a lamp in addition to overhead lighting, allowing you to control your lighting even more. Another option to consider is positioning your work environment around natural lighting, like a window if available. It may make it more economical to utilize natural lighting when it is bright enough that you do not need additional lighting during certain daylight hours.

Proper seating: A nice seat with good ergonomics makes a big difference in productivity. Good wrist rests at the right height for you for writing, typing, mouse movement, etc. is important. Also, seating which allows for movement of the lower legs during the day is nice. This could include a low stool for you to place your feet on and then take them off when you want; just an optional stool. It is good to be able to move the elevation of your legs to change the blood flow, especially if you spend long hours behind a desk. Ideally, it is good to get out from behind a desk, 5-10 minutes out of every hour or so may be good. This also changes the blood flow and gets your blood moving to your head, also getting your thinking going. If not possible, you can use breaks to move around and enjoy yourself, preferably in a fresh environment, away from a seat and computer screen.

Environment: If you prefer a quiet environment, encourage that for yourself and work toward that by controlling your surroundings. Try to maintain consistency. Mind over matter can make a difference. If you like a medium noise work environment or one that has some sound in the background, then utilize some sound if it works for you and make your workspace work for you. Overall, it is that you have the best level of productivity possible, as this is your goal.

In Conclusion: Your workspace should work for you. If it is not, reassess what is working and what is not. Make whatever changes are necessary and do so at the least possible expense. Whether at work or home, a nice space with good lighting, good seating, and a proper overall environment is fundamental to productivity overall.

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