Reflections and Regrets

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Creative Commons LicenseReflecting back, I have done things I regret, I am sure many people have. I would almost say “who hasn’t done things they regret?” But I am sure there are people that feel that they have no regrets. It is good if people feel they can go through life without any regrets – good for them. I am not sure I could really do that, because I am not sure I could really learn anything that way. Maybe in the future I might feel differently, although I doubt that, but you know how life teaches us.

Regrets teach us, at least I think they have taught me. I have had things happen, well I should say I have made things happen to me that have taught me. The regret is just part of it. I don’t necessarily regret that; the regrets are just part of the bad things that have happened.

So I would say that reflecting back regrets have taught me but they have taught me good things.

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~ by coffeebreath on March 13, 2008.

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