The Good Old Days

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Do you ever get reflective for a second and wish you could just go back in time? Once, as a little kid, I was riding bikes with the neighbor kids and I mentioned “the good old days” and the oldest neighbor girl laughed. When I thought about it I realized it sounded funny. I was just a kid and it was just an expression and now it has a different meaning, like it does for so many people.

There are days when I watch my little kids playing and for a split second I would like to just be responsible for nothing. I mean just for a second in your day or your week have you ever thought about it – earlier times, less responsibilities – good old days? Do you watch kids or pets play and wish you could go back to the good old days when you did not have the kind of responsibilities that you have today?

When reflecting, I think about what it would be like to go back in my life too. Part of that is wishing I could use what I know now and apply it to back then. I think back to when I was younger and I wish there were things I could change, of course, but there is also a lot I learned from too. Overall though, it’s that I miss the simplicity of past times. It is not that I long for the past, just the simplicity of it.

Watching my kids play and the things going on around me helps me to appreciate just how fast time goes by; it makes me not want to take anything for granted. So much of little kids’ lives are just so precious and short-lived and just special. It makes me want to hold my kids and never let go. They do need their own space and their own life to make choices to grow but they are young now and that time will never be back again and that is what makes me think. Reflecting on that time, on the time from my past, that makes me think about their future and trying not to miss out on anything with them.

Whether you have kids or not, you may be able to relate to ‘the good old days’ in one way or another. It is usually just the simple things that get me reflecting back but it helps me appreciate how time flies and makes me appreciate trying to keep my time in order now. Every day is one new day but one more chance to make something good happen.

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