Record a Child’s Voice, it’s Precious

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Creative Commons LicenseI have recordings of my little children. The recordings are digital but I am so glad I have them. To me, they are like a book because I can close my eyes and imagine what my kids’ little faces are like, were like, as if it was yesterday when their little voices were so tiny. Their first cries as babies, their first little sounds, their first words.

As soon as I had children, I kept a digital recorder with me at all times. Whenever my children made utterances, just small sounds or they said words, I brought out my little recorder. It recorded sounds a bit at a time so that I had a permanent record of them.

It is a small and easy-to-carry recorder so it was simple to keep with me all of the time, easier than a video recorder. We had video records of the kids, too, but the sound recorder is just precious and something I would recommend. A recorder also makes a nice gift for a new parent. Enjoy recording a child’s voice, it really is precious and you will be glad you did.

Creative Commons License
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~ by coffeebreath on March 15, 2008.

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