Family Relationships

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Sometimes it is just hard to work around the relationship of family. Family can be a difficult word. My family is difficult sometimes but I think it can be what you make of it more than anything else.

At times we tend to be selfish when it comes to family but sometimes family can be selfish with us. It feels like our family can take take take from us sometimes. There are times we should be giving and we do the taking. But we can balance things out and that is really what family should be about.

Family members should be there for each other and not cut one another out of each other’s lives. That is much easier said than done and there are mitigating circumstances but it is very sad when family members have such a rift that they do not speak, sometimes for years on end.

Can we say we learn from our family how to be a better person? I have learned from my family and my husband’s family as an adult; many things to do and not to do, and there is plenty of good in that.  I can come away from that a better person. Overall it takes humility to really learn. We might get burned a few times but we have to be willing to do what it takes in family relationships.

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