Women Still Confuse Men

It is so amazing to me the way women can still confuse men. Men still do not get it and it is so funny. No matter how hard men try, they still do not understand women. I say this in a nice way, not to ignite anything and because it is interesting what I observe in my husband.

“The differences in men and women are timeless, ageless and precious.” – my quote.

Women’s Belongings: I love to see a man confused by a woman’s purse. Women everywhere know how men are anxious by a woman’s handbag. The man steers clear of rummaging through a woman’s belongings to retrieve anything. You can’t really blame men for it and I think it is cutie. It is like a certain respect men have for women almost. Maye some men don’t want to go into that zone that women seem to have, who knows.

Women’s Feelings: This can be precious, and on the lighter side, men can be very nice. Men can also be very naive when it comes to women’s feelings. I think overall men try; there is just a lot men do not understand and likely never will. Sometimes I like my husband to listen and he likes to try to solve things and maybe it’s just the nature of the difference between us.

Women Physically: Women have needs physically, like to be just touched softly, and men sometimes are confused by just how much to touch a woman. Sometimes it is hard to know how much a woman wants to be touched and when.

I wish I knew what it was like for men, what it was like in their world. I am sure it has to be difficult and confusing because of women and in spite of them but cool nonetheless. Men are grown boys and I don’t mean that as anything other than what I wrote. I have two sons and they are precious. Men, grandfathers, the guys in our lives are so sweet. There are so many nice sweet old guys out there that take care of the women in their lives. I just love to see how men interact with women and I hope I can always learn from good guys and try to be a better woman.

S.M. March 18, 2008 @ 9:20


~ by coffeebreath on March 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Women Still Confuse Men”

  1. “Men and women belong to different species and communications between them is still in its infancy.” –Bill Cosby

    Miscommunication between the sexes has been the basis for many comedy routines, but have you ever wondered what it would take for men and women to actually understand one another?

    Two long-time friends have begun to tackle the issue, and are looking for folks who want to participate in the conversation.

    Come check out the new blog:
    What the Hell Are You Talking About?

  2. I think it is so funny when men want something and you say “hey just go in my purse”, they almost become frozen and confused by you request, they then look at the surface of your purse and then just hand it to you. People are different, and of course men and women are different, we were reared differently through our child development, women are taught to be more expressive and boys were taught to hold in then emotions, they wore green and blue, women wore pink and yellow. they played with toy trucks, we had peeing baby dolls. That accounts for the many differences between us!

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