There is No TV in Our House

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We took the TV out of our house, whew. It was a big relief because to us the television is a time waster. Our family has tried to limit television viewing and it doesn’t work for us. We did not even have cable and we still wasted too much time, so we got rid of the TV in our house. Now we have more time to do what we want to do without our time being monopolized during ‘prime time’ or whatever time of the day a TV would be on.

This much can be said; because there is not a television on in the house, there is more communication in our home.

My husband and I communicate more than we would if a TV was always on. It is fun to watch TV shows together that we like, and there are a lot of shows we both like to watch. But it was getting to be where the TV was on a lot of the time. Then it makes it more difficult to talk, to really communicate. There is more peace and quiet in our home without the sound of a TV in the background, ever.

Our kids are happier because they know they come first, before a television. No new latest, greatest screen will block out the children.

I am not sure that our kids love to read but they are reading more than if there was a television on in the house. The kids are not deprived and we are not fanatics or anything; they are allowed to watch TV anytime they want. I think TV is fine and my husband agrees; we’re not nuts about it or anything.

There is plenty of television programming that is educational but there is also plenty on TV that is a waste of time and a glut. TV has changed over time and for little kids there is also plenty of programming I would not consider appropriate, even commercials for movies that are not suitable. For our family, TV was a time waster in general. Too many hours per week were going down the tube, so we switched it off and took it out – for good.

My husband and I are fortunate enough that we both agree in our decision and it has worked for us. Our kids liked the choice because they did not want to waste all of their time in front of the TV; they enjoy using extra time to play outside instead of staring at a television set. If you ask them they will tell you which they prefer – watching TV or playing outside. The choice is clear as to what they prefer for themselves.

It is funny how many people have said that it would never work in their family to take the TV out. They say they would like to but the kids would never let it happen. Who are the parents again?

My husband’s family thinks it is strange that there is no TV in our house. I think that their reaction is funny. My husband’s sister said to me, “What do you do, sit around and tell each other stories all of the time?” Who knows, maybe we do. What did they used to do for entertainment before television was invented? This question comes from the same person who said TIVO is the best thing ever invented. It is just an interesting perspective.

I never answered her question, by the way. I cannot imagine how awful it would be for her to unplug and spend some family time – how boring for her! Sometimes you have to listen and learn, or try to learn from those around you. I think that is what people used to do before they all had TV’s in every room of their house

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