We’re Closing on Our House Tomorrow

Creative Commons LicenseI cannot believe it is here; the closing date. Tomorrow morning we sign the papers and finally it is time to sell our house. The market fell out (tanked) about two weeks after we listed the house in early May 2007 and we were so optimistic back then.

We reluctantly dropped our price three times before we finally got a contract on the house. Serious interest was shown but getting people in to look at the house was the hardest part. There were just so many homes on the market and there are right now too.

Our home had something to offer because it has a lower level with a private residence including a full kitchen, full bathroom, two bedrooms and everything finished – new and ready to go. It is a 5 bedroom 3 full bath. The lower level is completely finished with all new tile and Freize carpet. Or the lower level could be used for an office and bonus media room, which is what we used it for. We had a surround sound system, a projector and a 9’x6′ pull-down screen that we played movies on and that rocks by the way.

So we felt like this house had some potential to sell. That was before the market got like it did.

Anyway, now that tomorrow is almost here, it is hard to believe. Our family has worked hard with two mortgages since we bought another home before selling this one plus we manage rental property.

We have had to be very careful for quite some time and budget our funds. We want to own the home and land where we are outright, so we are not out of the water yet. The home where we are now is not finished yet, since it is a newer home. So we are going to budget out money and spend it a bit at a time and finish things on this home on a scheduled basis. I will blog about what we finish on the home where we live.

Until then…we’re closing on our house tomorrow!

S.M. 3.30.08 @ 20:35


~ by coffeebreath on March 30, 2008.

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