Unreal Changes Since DSL Company Kicked Up

Creative Commons LicenseWow, things have changed in a week. I used to think I knew something about blogs and social media and social networking. Well, I used to think I knew a little. Now if I have time to go to the bathroom or take a shower then I am fortunate.

What is going on? Things have changed so much because the DSL company my husband’s sister has just acquired a bunch more customers. This is because their competitor went down and stopped communicating with their customers. Many customers went looking for a better solution and jumped ship.

Time Frame: I offered to help because my sister-in-law was alone to run the business while her husband was out of state for two weeks! It will be difficult to catch up because all of the new customers need technical support and my sister-in-law is not used to this level of influx. This business is not something she is used to at this level to begin with; she normally just does billing.

Each Day: It started 4.12.08 in a fuzzy blur when I found my sister-in-law in half changed clothes and she has not had a normal day since. We have been functioning in the same room since. I have been supporting her since that day and I have not left her so that I could support her in her efforts to answer calls, take orders, process people through the system, make them feel comfortable, get confirmation emails sent out, get modem kits sent out (if necessary), get IP addresses assigned and get people into the database and billed once their service is up and running. It has been sheer madness. I was getting about four hours of sleep per night and not seeing my kids for days on end and then for minutes at a time at that.

The Worst Is Over: Because so many people have ordered and are situational for now, the waters have calmed for now. So things really have quieted. I feel things are better and now we can catch up on our sleep and mellow out. I can get back to reality and watch some TV and get back to how life really is. It is unreal how much things have changed in the last week. So now I let myself enjoy just a few of the little things in life and get back to reality…whew. On to life.

Post Script: By the way, I did this all for FREE. I am not going to let them pay me a dime. It costs money to get these customers up and running and I would have done this no matter what. I do not want money for this.

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~ by coffeebreath on April 20, 2008.

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