Field Trip Today to Etowah Indian Mounds

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Creative Commons License written by coffeebreath on wordpressToday was an interesting field trip. It was with my son’s third grade class and the out-of-retirement teacher who has been teaching for 42 years. She is interesting to say the least. She might have come out of retirement but retirement has not come out of her.

Riding on the bus on the way to the destination was a little sad. The kids were very well behaved and there was no reason to raise voices and yell at the kids. It is no fun to see the kids get yelled at on the bus when they are just being third-grade kids. They were just talking and singing and doing little kid stuff and they were fine and not bothering anyone, really. There were two classes per bus and about fifteen students per class. There was one adult per two students in the class so that worked out nicely and helped to keep the order.

It was just a little sad when some of the kids wanted to put their windows down on the bus, since it is now into May here in Georgia. One of the other teachers in the group decided that was unacceptable, for whatever reason, for the kids to put their windows down on the bus. This teacher started telling all of the other students to tell their ‘friends’ to say that was not allowed. I do not see why we could not have the windows down. My sons rides the bus regularly to and from school, and even the bus driver herself opened the windows for some airflow. On the way back from the field trip, I knew it was going to be different, and it was – we had the windows wide open during the 80 degree afternoon and it was much nicer!

The field trip was nice and we learned about the culture and background of the area around the Etowah Indian mounds. Our family had been there before but it had been a few years ago, so it was nice for my son to learn about it now that he is in third grade.

It was fun to go on a field trip with my son’s class and see the interpersonal relationships in the third grade. It is just sad what is lacking as well as all of the interesting stuff too. There is so much that kids do not realize is going on their world. I would like for it to stay that way for them too, you know? Kids are so innocent and they deserve to have their childhood for absolutely as long as they can! It is just that kids around here (Georgia – and I guess other places too) do not have recess the way that they should and that is the most frustrating thing about my kids’ school I guess. Other than that, it was an enjoyable refresher to have a nice field trip.

School is almost out for the year and my kids are almost a year older. This is yet another reason why I pushed for wanting my kids to have a real recess that means something in school. But alas, I did what I could and it seems the powers that be are what are in control. So for now we do what we can to enjoy what we can and we’ll see what comes in the meantime. Oh well, summer and it’s joys are just days away now. Heh heh…teachers don’t control everything!

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