The Human Differentiation

Creative Commons LicenseI was thinking about how people move and get around and communication with others in general.

Movement: When people are limited in their movement, they can be almost instantly frustrated, depending on where they are from.  If traffic is moving slowly, that is a big source of frustration.  Movement is a big deal for humanity.

Dogs: It might be possible that humans could learn from dogs.  Wouldn’t it be strange to have dog paws? It would be interesting to function with dog paws for a few days, just to see what that was like. This concept might help with appreciation in some sense. Dogs are very capable. Dogs do not have human emotion to feel that they are left out by not having fingers like humans do; even though humans have attempted to attribute human emotion to dogs. Dogs live among humans and are perfectly content, finger-less social beings in their dog world. It would be interesting to be a dog-pawed human. It is also said that horses are “handed” – meaning that they prefer one front leg over another, much as humans use one hand to write with over another.

Communication: So much is said without ever saying a word. Humans say so much with body language and facial expression. Dogs can do this as well, I am sure, but people are capable of communication in this way for sure. Children learn this early on and parents learn this from children from birth. We see a baby squirming and sucking and we know these signs indicate things. We know before a baby can talk that the baby needs things or wants things. Language is just one form of communication.

Reliance: Humans learn to rely on their senses for many things. If a person is temporarily without their sense of vision, due to diminished capacity for instance, things can change drastically. But for a person who has vision which has been limited for a longer period of time, that person has learned to handle the difference. Other senses help a person with limited vision, such as hearing, touch and smell. If I close my eyes, I realize that I can calm myself, orient myself, and use my hearing to get my bearings and my sense of touch to help move around. It is interesting how people allow themselves to feel a certain way about how limited their world seems based on so many factors.

The things that make us uniquely separate as humans are what make us think above the animals as well. It is interesting to think about how these differences affect us emotionally and otherwise.

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