Buckle Rocks for Tall Jeans

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Yep, I went to Buckle and found some NICE jeans to choose from. Right off the rack there were super long jeans, in my size, and sassy, hot jeans. I felt good. There were Dark denim jeans, light denim jeans, anything I wanted. I had fun trying them on. And I had a sales associate who was so nice.

First the manager himself came over and helped me but then he had to go so he introduced me to Brandi and she helped me. Ok, so now I am in my element.

If you have never been to a Buckle store before, I would recommend it. I had been into a store before but never really shopped for jeans. I tried on many pairs from $60 to $190 and they were so nice. Some of the jeans felt like someone made them for me.

I am very tall and it is quite difficult to find clothing that fits properly, is in style, feels right and is something I like. It is just plain hard to find. I was liking this place and I never felt uncomfortable, no one was pushy and it was great.

Brandi told me that she helped a girl the week before who was 6’5″ tall and the girl cried when she got into a pair of jeans that actually fit right. I felt so good for that girl. Yay for tall people. I hope she stands proud!

My jeans are being hemmed by the seamstress so they do not look funky (they leave the bottom of the jeans on). These jeans started at 37½” so I needed them up just a little and they will be perfect. They are Silver jeans and I am excited to get them back.

Out for now…

S.L.M. 5.16.08 @ 8:25


~ by coffeebreath on May 10, 2008.

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