I Love Multi-Monitor Productivity

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Expanding my desktop was a fantastic way to widen my productivity. I would recommend this idea to anyone who can do it.When I can see more than a few programs running at once, I am much more productive.  Just a glance to the side and I can see the program up and running, instead of one monitor displaying one program.  Or having one monitor displaying several programs tiled.

I love the productivity this allows on my desktop; splitting it up with dual monitors.  I say go for it!  Once I did, I have not looked back.

If your paycheck pays you back and it is worth your while, I say use dual or multiple monitors in your workspace.  Especially people who do web design and graphic design work.  Productivity = increase.

8.21.08 @ 10:28


~ by coffeebreath on August 21, 2008.

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