Cleaning Out the House

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It came time for cleaning out the house but I felt like burning down the house.  My father died July 9, 2008 and now it’s time to clean out all of his acquired possessions.

This is not easy because my mother is elderly and there is much to do.  My husband is awesome so we got busy and busted our tails.  There is a portable storage building, a carport area and another storage area that was built with the house.  Plus the attic in the house and a small trailer next to the portable building needed to each be emptied.

Over the weekend we cleaned out all of these structures, dragging, sorting and placing all items as neatly as possible for later distribution.  Gas leaked, rat droppings scattered, memories dredged up.  It was rough and my head pounded.  I just forged ahead and kept going.  It was not about me and that was what was the most important.

Now everything is cleaned out and sorted.  One man offered to buy the entire contents of the portable building – yeah.  That is a relief and a financial plus at the same time.  He was going to buy the building but his dad would not loan him enough money (hence the ways of AL and I’ll just stop there).  The portable building has resale value so that is not a problem; it also has a nice 2″x6″ pressure-treated ramp.

Whatever does not sell in my mother’s impending ‘yard sale’ which she really wants to have – will be donated to the American Kidney Foundation.  This is due, in part, to the fact that my brother Greg only has one kidney.  He doesn’t know this is why I feel this way but that is it.

I feel cleaner and de-junkified, even though I am not the one who has all of those things.  I thought I left that years ago.  However, now my responsibility comes again and I must take it up.

Peace outie.

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