Blog Action Day – Poverty – Hope In Store

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Today is Blog Action Day October 15 (#BAD08). Nearly 10,000 bloggers all over the world will be lending their voices to one topic; this year it is poverty.

The real threat of poverty, however, is told in the lives of the people who daily experience it. It is not an easy thing to define, since people may be “poor” in one country and somewhere else be considered well off.  Have you ever gone without…really gone without and known poverty?

Who or what is responsible for the growing threat of poverty? The answers come from the view that the poor have only themselves to blame for their condition to the claim that it is beyond their power to change. The truth probably lies in between.

People used to accuse the poor of being lazy. But fewer people  now are saying things like this. Why? Because inflation is eating up people’s income. Now they appreciate that there are factors outside a person’s control that threaten to make a person “rich” or “poor.”

Many people will be blogging about poverty earthwide today.  I am writing about hope in store.  The future does hold a hope for mankind.  It is as simple as opening the Bible that people earthwide can obtain.

The Kingdom spoken of in the Holy Bible is the solution to the problems faced by people in the world today – that is how I feel (and many others earthwide do as well).  This is just what Jesus spoke of; his Father’s Kingdom, as the only solution to mankind’s problems.

A world without poverty is near – I believe it and it is a fact.  You can learn more from the Bible.

Having a hope in store is the only real basis for a solution to poverty and all of the problems that plague humans all over the globe today.  Hope is what we have and without it we would be lost.

S.L.M. 10.15.08 @ 7:43 a.m.


~ by coffeebreath on October 15, 2008.

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