All About the Yard Sale

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Since we started cleaning out the house, my Mom has been all about the yard sale idea.  Now she is so centrally focused that she cannot think about anything else, literally.

This is frustrating because:

  • she is elderly
  • she is out of state by 2½ hours
  • she starts overdoing herself and will not stop
  • she is still addicted to drugs
  • she has her live-in son convinced

It is not healthy to let life revolve around a single event because a person is centrally focused on one thing.  This problem she has adds too much stress to other family members and is basically selfishness.

I have seen what is going on and I realize that I can benefit because I do not want to be selfish like I’ve observed.  I know that I am very selfish and I want to fight the urge to be that way.

We are not sure when the yard sale might happen, if it will in the near future or not.  My husband wants to just write my Mom a check for what she thinks everything is worth and load everything up in a trailer to avoid the whole yard sale mess.  I think that is a disaster of an idea myself but I respect my husband’s ideas.  We’ll see how it all pans out.

10.17.08 @ 10:17


~ by coffeebreath on October 17, 2008.

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