Fun Before Tonsillectomy

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Today I wanted to take my kids out for a fun plan before my youngest son has to have his tonsils and adenoids out later this week.

Here is what we did:

  • After homework was done, we went by the book fair at shool, where each of the kids got to pick out something cool.
  • Then it was off to an early dinner at a local Chinese buffet with fresh crab legs and fun kids’ favorites too – just all kinds of great foods.  We spent time at the restaurant while my youngest son enjoyed his hot tea and my oldest son read his book.
  • After dinner we went to a movie which we all enjoyed.  It’s funny how my kids are bored by some kids’ movies but this one was great.
  • Then it was on to the pet store where we just happened to purchase a Guinea pig!  I was not planning to do this but I was fine with it and so was my oldest son.  He is now named George (after Curious George) and he is tri-colored.  He is quite friendly.  We purchased some things for George, but most of the things we already had at home, so he was very comfortable.  This is our first pet of this kind but he seems happy so far.

The evening came to a close with two tired boys that seemed quite happy, which was my goal.  This type of day is very rare for us and we were all happy and tired.  It was awesome and now the surgery is just a little blip on the map in the future.  🙂

10.21.08 @ 10:20


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