About Me

I am 32 years old, very happily married for twelve years and I have two kids.

I have headaches daily and I take pain medicine almost daily for them.  Sometimes my headaches are depressing but mostly I just learn to live with them.  I have been to many specialists and no one knows why I have the headaches.  I have had them for about 16 years.

My job is good and I really enjoy it.  I helped create and currently work on a website (www.gaport.com) for a family company that also belongs in the family I am a part of.  I deem it a privilege to work with my husband every day.  He is very good at what he does.  We work together well, he would say most of the time and I would probably say more of the time.  We sell steel carports and metal garages.

I listen to jazz on the Web; my preference is smooth jazz.  I like all types of music except country.  I even like opera!  I do not claim any musical prowess and I cannot sit and discuss music on a regular basis.  I just enjoy music as I think human beings were created to do.

We had horses for most of our early marriage but we sold them when we moved to a subdivision about three years ago.  We have now moved back out of the subdivision and we are both very happy with this change.  We will probably not get horses again, however, since it takes quite a bit of time, energy and most of all money to properly support them.  They are magnificent creatures and I learned from just watching them.  I will take up the enjoyment of horses in the future, I am sure of it.

Two dogs live at our home, one outside and one inside.  We have a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) named Bailey outside and then a 3 pound Maltese inside, named Simon.  Simon is litter-box trained so he never has to go outside and get dirty, since he is pure white. 

I just wanted to be able to write in a blog every now and then so this is who I am.  Thank you for stopping by.


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