After the Tonsil Surgery

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My sweet little boy had his tonsils and adenoids out.  He was very precious before the surgery and he smiled at all of the staff members and everyone.  The hospital staff was as nice as could be.

The surgery itself latest a very short time; it is quite simple.  I had coffee and watched CNN with my husband.  I went to the cafeteria when it opened and got a refill of coffee and a drink for my husband.  When I got back, I opened my book to read and the doctor came out to shake our hands – the surgery was over and everything was fine.

Our son was in recovery for the longest amount of time  (total, that we were in the hospital) and he looked a pale when we saw him.  As soon as he saw me he got big tears in his eyes.  The nurse kept the oxygen close to his mouth and nose and brought him a big grape popsicle.

My husband’s parents came up to the hospital to see their grandson, which I thought was very touching.  They run a business and this was a drive for them, through traffic and in the early morning, but they came to see him.  There was only ten minutes before he was released but they still stayed.  I thought it was very kind of them and I thanked them several times for coming to the hospital.

Soon our son was discharged from the hospital – less tonsils and adenoids. in a wheelchair, which he thought was strange.   He was sleepy and my husband slipped him into his carseseat in the van.

Right away we filled the pain medicine prescription and the antibiotics for him and headed home.  He was in pain and very tired and he just wanted to get into his own bed.

At home, we had everything all ready for his arrival.  I had already taken him shopping so that he could choose his ice cream flavors and his jell-o and pudding popscicles and soup and spaghetti and other items from his diet list.  There are only certain foods he can eat right after surgery so we needed to be prepared in advance.

He is resting nicely and we are following doctor’s orders to drink fluids at least once per hour,

He is doing great and happy to rest for righht now but we will see how long that lasts.  He still gets pain and needs his medicine regularly and he sleeps a lot but he feels better between times as well.  Hopefully he’ll be doing better very soon.

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