Firefox Rocks

I use Mozilla Firefox and I am glad that I do. I have IE6 still (never bothered trying to get IE7) so that I can check what different sites look like in different browsers for different users. I do not like to use IE and I rarely ever do. Somehow, IE has expanded itself and made itself look all blocky and zoomed in. I researched this on the confusion that is the Microsoft website.

Upon researching the subject, “Text size on a Web page changes unexpectedly in Internet Explorer 6” I arrived at the MS website on a “Hotfix” in the paragraph starting, “Important This article contains information about modifying the registry. Before you modify the registry, make sure to back it up…”

Ya right! Like I am going to mess with all of that junk! This is exactly why I do not use IE and why I do use Firefox. I can simply hold Ctrl and press the button to zoom out and again hold Ctrl and press the + button to zoom in again with the Firefox browser. Talk about a “Hotfix”!

So the summation for me is that I stay far away from IE in its 6 and 7 forms and only view it now and again to see how the sites I am working on look in it. I also use other browsers just as evenly. I never use IE for actual browsing purposes, so I guess the zoomed, chunky, disgusting look is simply an annoyance.

Hey, I never said I didn’t get IE all messed up that way completely on my own. I just happen to think Firefox rocks, that’s all.

S.L.M. 5.6.09 @ 10:15


~ by coffeebreath on May 6, 2009.

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